Got any questions? Here we cover the most frequently asked questions about how to use HiLo for mindful breathing, along with its technical info.


1. How to use HILO

Does HiLo work with an app?
Unlike many breathwork and meditation products or apps, HiLo allows you to enjoy the benefits of mindful breathing without a smartphone or tablet. This disconnected breathwork tool requires no connectivity or additional devices. Simply program your desired breathing pattern directly into HiLo by pressing the buttons.
Do I have to hold the HiLo in my hand to use it?
Your HiLo is totally portable and offline, so you can use wherever and however you like.

For instance, to do a discreet few minutes of calming breathwork on the metro, before an important meeting, or in the hallway before going in to an exam. Slip the HiLo into your pocket or bag, or keep it in your hand, and simply let the silent vibrations tell you when to inhale, hold your breath, and exhale.

You can use HiLo to help you get off to sleep, by placing it on your bedside table so it projects a light onto the ceiling that will guide you to regulate your breathing.

HiLo tailors itself to your needs and preferences, fitting in with your timetable and the place you find yourself in. It’s up to you to use it in whatever way suits you.


How do I bring a breathing exercise to a halt?
To stop a program, just press the bottom button on your HiLo for a few seconds.
Which stimulus should I choose to follow the breathing patterns?
The “tactile” mode helps you to stay focused in a fun way, using touch. Opt for the “vibrations” mode if you want to use it more discreetly. Lastly, the “light” mode is ideal for when you want to fall asleep.
What’s the Alarm setting on my Hilo for?
To get the maximum benefit from some of these breathing exercises, it’s recommended that you do them 2-3 times a day. But our daily routines are so hectic that we often forget to take any time out – so HiLo comes with a built-in Alarm function.

To keep yourself on an even keel, you can ask your HiLo to give you a gentle nudge when it’s time to take a little breather.

2. Mindful breathing with HiLo

How do I breathe right?
To enjoy all the benefits of good breathing, it’s recommended that you breathe from your abdomen (inflating your belly as you inhale/deflating your belly as you exhale). The natural to-and-fro movements of your diaphragm will help relieve unwanted tension.

Make sure you breathe in through your nose, drawing the air down first into your stomach and then letting it fill your rib cage.

What if I have trouble following the suggested breathing pattern?
That’s completely normal. We’ve been breathing on instinct since birth, so it might take a few training sessions before you’re totally comfortable breathing in a specific rhythm. Although bear in mind that some breathing patterns, such as the Pain Relief technique, don’t need to be comfortable in order to be effective.
Why is abdominal breathing better than breathing from the chest?
Abdominal breathing brings more health benefits than shallow chest breathing because it activates the diaphragm and helps free up the accumulated tensions in your body. What’s more, breathing from the belly involves making all the organs work, stimulating them and improving their functioning.

3. Technical Info

Why is the light red?

The red wavelength has virtually no effect on the secretion of melatonin and other sleep hormones, unlike blue, for instance.

For the same reason, we opted for orange to indicate how long to hold your breath in. Orange light is born of the fusion of red and green light, which doesn’t disturb melatonin secretion.

Does the HiLo switch off by itself?
When you’ve finished a breathing exercise, your HiLo automatically turns itself off after five minutes to save battery power – which is great if you use your HiLo before falling asleep.
Can I use it in Light mode without disturbing my partner?
If the light bothers your partner, you can lower the intensity of your HiLo’s light. When activating Light mode, press the left-hand button to dim the beam, and the right-hand button to make it stronger. The intensity level is indicated by little lines above the light bulb icon.
What safety standards does the HiLo light meet?

The HiLo rigorously adheres to the EN 60598-1/EN 62471 lighting safety standards drawn up by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These set out safe levels of exposure and benchmark measuring techniques, and offer a classification system for evaluating and limiting any photobiological hazard from optical radiation sources.

The standards identify four groups, from 0 (Exempt, meaning no photobiological risk) to 3 (high risk). France’s Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety recommends that products for use by the general public must fall within groups 0 or 1 (no or low risk).

After testing, the HiLo was rated 0 or Exempt (no risk).

If your question is not listed in the FAQ above, you can always contact our team who will answer you with great pleasure.